Nanomechanics, Inc. first European Users’ Meeting

Nanomechanics, Inc. first European Users’ Meeting

Nanomechanics, Inc. first European Users’ Meeting

Roma TRE University, Rome, Italy  October 09, 2014

Nanomechanics, Inc. invites you to attend the first European Users’ Forum on October 9th at Roma TRE university in Rome. The event will be hosted by the Roma TRE Engineering Department. Dr. Warren C. Oliver (President of Nanomechanics, Inc) will give an overview of the most recent advances in nanoindentation testing with a specific focus on novel instrumentation and in-situ testing.

Invited speakers include Dr. Warren C. Oliver (NMI), Prof. Alexander M Korsunsky (Univ. of Oxford) and Prof. Karsten Durst (Technical University Darmstadt). The symposium will be in a relaxed setting with a morning session of oral presentations and an afternoon session with practical demonstrations on the newly developed iNano and InSEM nanoindentation systems.

This meeting is intended for both academic and industry research fellows who are active in the field of mechanical characterization of advanced materials and devices on a nano-scale. Nanomechanics scientists and Ph.D. students are kindly invited to send abstracts to:

Of interest are contributions that either highlight the application of, or draw attention to, recent advances in nano-mechanical methods, in-situ testing, including micro-compression, -bending or toughness testing to determine materials behavior, particularly at elevated/service temperatures, and the relationship to mechanical performance and lifetime are of interest. Applications to characterization of thin films and micro-electromechanical systems are particularly welcome.

Meeting Venue:

Engineering Department,

University of Rome “Roma TRE”,

Via Vito Volterra, 62

Rome 00146 Italy