Books and Chapters


Elasticity with Mathematica

by Andrei Constantinescu and Alexander M. Korsunsky

Cambridge University Press (ISBN-13: 9780521842013)

Solution of Crack Problems:

The Distributed Dislocation Technique

by Hills, D.A., Kelly, P.A., Dai, D.N., Korsunsky, A.M.

Springer (ISBN 978-94-015-8648-1)

Advanced Healthcare Materials

Advanced Materials Series

(Chapter 7)

by Tan Sui, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Scrivener Publishing (ISBN: 9781118773598)

Strain and Dislocation Gradients from Diffraction

Spatially-Resolved Local Structure and Defects

(Chapter 3)

by Felix Hofmann and Alexander M. Korsunsky

ISBN: 978-1-908979-62-9 

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Scientific reports 6

1 2016


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