Former members – Dr Alexander J.G. Lunt

DPhil Student


  • MEng, Engineering Science, University of Oxford, U.K. (2012)

Research interests

  • I am a member of Oxford’s Solid Mechanics and Materials group based in the Department of Engineering Science. The focus of my study is residual stress analysis at micro/nano length scale; this involves the use of a range of semi-destructive focused ion beam and X-ray and neutron diffraction based techniques to probe the interaction between different materials during loading and the influence of processing routes on material behaviour.
  • Of particular interest to my study has been the interaction between Yttria Partially Stabilised Zirconia (YPSZ) and porcelain veneers in dental prosthesis. The phase transforming nature of YPSZ is known to induce a complex residual stress state at this interface which leads to an increase in surface chipping of the veneer. I have been using a range of micro-focused diffraction based techniques along with mechanical based tests and finite element modelling to investigate the origin of this failure, with the ultimate goal of reducing component failure rates.

Other appointments

  • Lecturer in Engineering
  • Member of Christ Church GCR committee
  • Graduate representative on the OUEngSoc committee.


  • photography, travelling, squash and reading