Former members – Dr Nikolaos Baimpas

DPhil Student


  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (BSc, MSc), University of Thessaly (UTH), Greece (2009)
  • DPhil Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Research interests

  • My main research interest is the development of “Rich” Tomography techniques. Simultaneous application of non-destructive techniques from the fields of X-ray Imaging and Diffraction allows the reconstruction of various structural materials properties. The techniques epigrammatically are:
  1. X-ray Diffraction Strain Tomography (DST): applied and residual elastic strain reconstruction via X-ray powder diffraction and Imaging.
  2. Laue orientation Tomography: Reconstruction of grain shape and intergranular misorientation.
  3. Multi-scale in-situ deformation analysis of composites using Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) and synchrotron X-ray tomography.
  4. Time-of-Flight (TOF) Neutron Strain Tomography: applied and residual elastic strain reconstruction3.
  5. “Live” stress measurements and imaging in internal combustion engines in operando.
  6. Nano-scale mapping of residual elastic strain and orientation inside fibres including Focused Ion Beam (FIB)-DIC validation microscopic evaluation and FEM validation.

Other appointments

  • Professional musician-instrumentalist: Eastern Mediterranean Music (Greek, Turkish Arab-Byzantine) specialization. “Kanun” – “Santouri” – Dulcimer


  • Fishing, Travelling, Arts