Former members – Dr Siqi Ying



  • BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK (2013)
  • DPhil Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK (2018)

Research Interests

Ricky (Siqi) is 3rd-year DPhil student in the Department of Engineering Science. His research concerns the development of micro-stress analysis procedures, focusing on the capabilities of FIB (focused ion beam) in combination with DIC (digital image correlation). He is also interested in advanced characterisation techniques such as FIB, TEM, AFM and nanoindentation. Material of interest is currently Ni-base single crystal superalloys, and Ricky is now doing discrete dislocation modelling, FIB-DIC stress analysis and X-ray crystallography studies on superalloys along with other aerospace materials. Ricky is co-supervised with Prof. Jin-chong Tan in group Hybrid Composites & Multifunctional Materials.

Other appointments


  • Web designing, graphic designing
  • Cooking, Pub nights