International Colloquium on Synchrotron Applications in Research (I-CSAR)

International Colloquium on Synchrotron Applications in Research (I-CSAR)


International Colloquium on Synchrotron Applications in Research (I-CSAR)

 Synchrotron methods in materials design

MBLEM (Multi-Beam Laboratory for Engineering Microscopy)@Oxford Department of Engineering Science 29 May 2014

Organised by: Prof. Alexander M. KorsunskyDr. Felix Hofmann and members of MBLEM :

Dr. Bohang Song, Dr. Tan Sui, Dr. Mengyin  Xie, Nikolaos Baimpas, Taehoon Kim, Alexander J.G. Lunt,  Siqi Ying.

Synchrotron radiation offers unprecedented capabilities for non-invasive, *in situ* and *in operando* characterisation of engineering materials and systems using versatile analytical modes (imaging, scattering, spectroscopy), supreme spatial and temporal resolution, and excellent penetration into the material beyond the sample surface. The colloquium will be led by contributions from Jonathan Almer (Advanced Photon Source) and Olivier Castelnau (ENSAM, Paris). Open discussion will follow. Colleagues are cordially invited to attend and contribute to the event.

Alexander M. Korsunsky








Department of Engineering Science Main Site – Central Oxford

Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PJ


2.30 to 3.15 pm Olivier Castelnau – Laue-DIC: a new method for improved stress field measurements at the micron scale
3.15 to 4.00 pm Jon Almer – Studies of complex materials using high-energy x-rays
4.00 to 4.20 pm break
4.20 to 4.40 pm Alexander Korsunsky – In operando studies of energy systems and materials using particle beams
4.40 to 5.00 pm James Marrow – 3D studies of damage by combined X-ray tomography and digital volume correlation
5.00 to 5.20 pm Felix Hofmann – Quantifying the lattice distortions due to individual dislocations
5.20 to 5.40 pm Matthew Ryder – Deciphering the Terahertz Vibrations of Metal-Organic Frameworks
5.40 to 5.50 pm Closing Remarks

followed by drinks at the Royal Oak